Monday, November 15, 2004

Green Label Tasting Note

Now that Diageo is promoting Green Label in the states, I thought I'd break out my bottle again and post a little tasting note.

-- Tasting Note --

Whisky: Johnnie Walker Pure Malt
Age: 15yo
Bottler: Diageo
Producer: Diageo
Taster: Jimmy
Region: Vatted Malt
Color: Deep Orange
Nose: Citrus fruit, limes and orange, orange blossom. A drop of water brings on hints of vanilla and subtle chocolate notes.

Flavors: Orange, (children's aspirin??), prickly alcohol. Another drop of water brings out caramel, Terry's Orange? Where's the JW signature peat?

Finish: Short and somewhat tight.

Description: A nice enough dram. I had been waiting a long time to try the green, so I was perhaps expecting too much. I like vatted malts, and I like this. I also like what the Grouse are doing with their "Vintage Malts" vattings, unfortunately unavailable in the states.

-- End --

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Green Label arrives in the United States

It looks like Diageo is starting to talk about Green Label here in the US. It's been available here in California for about 6 months through Pacific Wine & Spirits, the local Diageo Distributor. I got mine at Santa Clara Liquors. Green Label has long been available only in duty free shops.

Diageo Press Release