Monday, February 16, 2009

Whiskey for the People.

It's Mixology Monday again. This time we're looking at Hard Drinks for Hard Times.

Matt Rowley is our host, and along with lots and lots (and lots?) of other people out there, Matt's been cut loose. He's been made redundant from his advertising job. In an effort limit his bar budget, he has curtailed new purchases and is using zen-like cellar management. He's using all the bottles he already has on hand, finishing up bottles, or breaking open those bottles he's been hoarding.

I appreciate both Matt's situation, and his approach. I've got a different idea. I want you to get more for less at the local shop. Think of it as a small stimulus package. If my budget were really tight, I'd like a cocktail for $1.25.

Whiskey For The People.

There are whiskies out there that are such great values, it's hard to believe. I'm not talking about nasty rotgut, the kinda stuff you wouldn't ever want to touch. I'm talking about excellent, high-quality whiskies at rock bottom prices.

Pikesville Rye is widely distributed, and is usually available for around $11.99. Some parts of the country get it for $9.99. Let's call it $12. This is good rye at a bargain price. If you have a bottle of bitters on hand, you're all set. If you lost your bitters bottle, or left it at work, you'll need a bottle of that, but it's an investment that will probably see you through for some time. (You may still have bitters in the bottle after the economy turns around.) Let's call it $6 for 4 oz.

For your consideration I present :

The "$1.25" Old Fashioned.

2 oz. Pikesville Rye Whiskey ($1.20)
1-2 packets of sugar (taken from the condiment racks) (free)
1 small splash water (free)
2 dashes aromatic bitters. ($.05*)

Serve over ice in a rocks glass.

There are lots of values to be had, if you know where to look, and you know what you like. Dave Wondrich recently had a posting in Esquire that looked at some value options and I'll be looking for more ideas form this month's Mixology Monday Wrap-up.

*( OK. $.06, but the $1.25 cocktail sounds a lot better than the $1.26 cocktail. (50 dashes/ounce, $1.50 per ounce)


Blogger frederic said...

For some reason, Pikesville only appeared here in Boston in the last month or two (at least to my eyes which have seen many a store's shelves). A great Maryland style (non-spicy) rye that's about the same price but a little higher in quality than Old Overholt.

I used Pikesville in one of my drinks for this Mixology Monday with great success!


8:39 AM  
Blogger Colonel Tiki said...

Oh me oh my I like affordable Rye. I'll have to get some CA friends to help me out. Thanks, Jimmy!

9:47 AM  
Blogger nerdling said...

I haven't gotten around to trying Pikesville yet, but now I'll have to give it a try. This totally reminds me of Wondrich's "Hotel Room Old-Fashioned"—which is to say, a great idea.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Who is Felicia? said...

I'll drink just about any whiskey in a pinch. Old Grand-Dad, for example, tastes like my childhood. I remember getting to eati the whiskey-soaked cherries out of the bottom of my dad's and grandfather's glasses.

2:55 PM  

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