Monday, November 15, 2004

Green Label Tasting Note

Now that Diageo is promoting Green Label in the states, I thought I'd break out my bottle again and post a little tasting note.

-- Tasting Note --

Whisky: Johnnie Walker Pure Malt
Age: 15yo
Bottler: Diageo
Producer: Diageo
Taster: Jimmy
Region: Vatted Malt
Color: Deep Orange
Nose: Citrus fruit, limes and orange, orange blossom. A drop of water brings on hints of vanilla and subtle chocolate notes.

Flavors: Orange, (children's aspirin??), prickly alcohol. Another drop of water brings out caramel, Terry's Orange? Where's the JW signature peat?

Finish: Short and somewhat tight.

Description: A nice enough dram. I had been waiting a long time to try the green, so I was perhaps expecting too much. I like vatted malts, and I like this. I also like what the Grouse are doing with their "Vintage Malts" vattings, unfortunately unavailable in the states.

-- End --


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