Tuesday, October 07, 2008

WhiskyFest Top Ten List

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is a great blogger. He could post his to do list and make it funny, educational and informative. Granted, Jeffrey's to do list looks like this:

this week:
  1. fly off to London
  2. go to Plymouth Distillery and drink gin.
  3. fly to iceland, drink water, go snowmobiling.
  4. fly to Berlin, attend BCB and give a lecture to a room full of Germans (in English)
  5. visit secret bar with Joerg.
  6. etc.

I wish I had a to do list that looked like Jeff's, but I don't. So instead I present my WhiskyFest Top Ten list.

Top Ten Things to do at WhiskyFest:

10. The Singleton of Glendullan
I've had some independent bottlings of Glendullan, and it's nice to see it as
an "official bottling." I'm anxious to try it.

9. Buffalo Trace
A great lineup. George T. Stagg and Sazerac Rye? Awesome.

8. Bruichladdich
Always a great table. Stop by and see what's new on Islay.

7. Bunnahabhain, Tobermory, Le Daig, Black Bottle
Not usually at the show, these are some great whiskies.

6. Compass Box
Grain Whisky! Mr. Glaser is a nice guy too.

5. Van Winkle
Great whiskies! They probably won't bring the rye, but I can dream.

4. Karen Fullerton
Karen's giving a presentation on the art of blending. This is worth going to even if you don't understand her ridiculous accent. (I hope she doesn't have a google-watch set up for her name.)

3. Lorne MacKillop
Lorne is a great whisky man and selects some of the finest whiskies

2. Willet Single Barrel Rye
I haven't found this in my local shops. I like Rye.

1. Four Roses
Four roses is back in California with a vengence. Very excited about the Small Batch and the Single Barrel.

Most importantly, make sure you have a ticket for WhiskyFest.

By the way, I think Jeffrey Morgenthaler makes all that stuff up. I'm not even sure he's a real person.