Tuesday, March 10, 2009

101 Cocktails - and the iPhone

There's a wide world of cocktails out there. Websites and books that list thousands and thousands of recipes. The question I have when looking at these kitchen sink recipe collections is always "Do I really need 14,000 cocktail recipes?" My answer is always no.

Working in a bar, as a professional bartender, you probably need 50 drink recipes on the fly. When you're entertaining at home, you probably need to have about ten or twenty "go-to" favorites that you can whip up and impress your guests.

How do you get from the thousands and thousands of recipes available, to the recipes you really need? I wanted to take a shot at my own list. I was shooting for 101 recipes. I decided to list the 101 best and most important cocktails I could think of. What do you put in, and what do you leave out? That was the hard part.

After I came up with my list, I wanted to be able to use it, out in the field. A sort of field guide to my favorite cocktails. So I turned it into an iPhone application I could take with me anywhere. Through the magic of the iPhone AppStore, I've made it available to anyone with an iPhone.

You can learn more about my 101 Cocktails app here, or purchase it here. I'll be going through some of the recipes here at the Cocktail Hour as individual posts.

Are you still here? Go buy it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please make the 101 Cocktails app compatible with the ipod Touch!! Thanks!

8:04 AM  
Blogger jimmyp said...

It should work on iPod Touch 2nd generation. Does it not?

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Dean said...

Cool app, there is another app called iShot Machine, but instead of cocktailsit all liquor shots. Over 3000 shots you can rate and fave your picks. I works for iPod touch and iPhone

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Arild said...

Did you give up your blog in 2009? Nevermind, I just want to ask you about 101 Cocktails, which looks like a real fine app. But over here in Europe, we use the metric system, and you over there in America are supposed to use it, too. I see from the screenshots that the measures are - well I don't know what - "Imperial"? Non-metric, anyway. Can I toggle in the app? I will be sorely disappointed if you tell me there are no metric measures in the app.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Shelby said...

Good cocktails all. Thanks for the post.

12:21 PM  

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