Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Bartenders, Called Keys to 'Make or Break Spirits Brands,' to Be Subjects of Novel New Study

Nationwide Sample Interviewed on Video in Their Bar Setting, Moving Away
from Focus Group Approach

Press Release

This is funny.

This new study plans to talk to 30 bartenders, in their bar. It will show what bars look like, what kind of patrons are there and how the products are displayed. It will also feature "hot trends and emerging drinks/cocktails." You can get all this knowledge, distilled down to a three hour DVD for only $2,870! (If you need an easier to understand version for your boss, you can get an executive summary for only $3940.)

It might just be me, but I figure if you want to learn about what bars look like, and what kind of patrons are in bars, go to bars and see what they're like. Want to know what bartenders think of brands and promotions. Go to some bars and talk to some bartenders. You want hot trends in drinks and mixology, look around the internet, then go to some bars.

Here are a few of the probing questions:
What are the most popular drinks ordered on an overall basis at your establishment?

Please discuss the brands you offer. To what extent do you feel that they reflect back on you or impact the customer's view of you?

You can learn more about the study, and read all of the questions in the snippies pdf.


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