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This week's Mixology Monday in all about coffee. I have to admit I was really beaten by this topic. I didn't come up with anything. Who drinks coffee cocktails anyway. There are coffee drinks of course, but coffee cocktails? I don't really know any.

I do remember black russians during spring breaks in the mid-eighties. We'd go down to Palm Springs in an old vw camper, with a liter of Finlandia and a 750 of Kahlua. Mix it together and serve in a plastic cup with ice. They were really good, until the ice all melted. Then you serve it without ice. Is that a coffee cocktail? Not in the back of a volkswagen, with no ice, when it's 110 degrees out.

There's a regular who comes in and orders a double espresso and a beer, and then mixes them in some mystical fashion and drinks it. He's a great guy, and a good customer. The drink just sounds bad to me. It may be really good, but it's not a cocktail. (I found this over at gizmodo.)

There is the legendary Buena Vista Irish Coffee. You can read all about that at the Buena Vista.
They even have a handy page that shows how to make one. But that's more of a coffee drink with whiskey in it. There are other international coffee drinks too:

Irish: irish whiskey
Mexican: tequila and kahlua
Spanish: tia maria and kahlua or Licor 43
Keoke: brandy and kahlua
Italian: amaretto
Greek: ouzo
American: Southern Comfort or bourbon and peach schnapps

There are probably some coffee "martini's" that are nice to drink, but for me a martini is really gin (maybe vodka) with vermouth and bitters. No sour apple, chocolate, watermelon, peach schnapps, or even coffee in my martini please.

Since I've come up empty-handed, I really look forward to everyone else's post for this Mixology Monday. Links to all the posts will be over at The Art of Drink.


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