Friday, April 04, 2008

Mixology Summit, 2008

I've just returned from the Grand Marnier Mixology Summit in Vail, Colorado. The event was organized by Grand Marnier, who selected 100 creative bartenders from across North America to get together and spend some time talking about bartending, cocktails, and Grand Marnier. There was also time for socializing, bartending, dining, and enjoying 15 inches of fresh Vail powder.

If you want all the details, Lance J. Mayhew blogged his entire Mixology Summit experience on his website. I had the chance to meet some great bartenders from all over and I hope to do some Bartender profiles here at the Cocktail Hour. I'll also cover some of the more interesting recipes I saw during the event in the coming weeks. This week the Google Gadget, "Daily Cocktail" is also featuring recipes from some of the attendees of the event.

Andy Seymour concentrates on a batch of Grand Marnier Cocktails.

Jonathan Pogash holds up the bar.

James Macknyk and Todd Appel, both from Chicago, sample some of last years' Grand Marnier cocktail entries.

Leo DeGroff puts the finishing touch on a batch of Perfect Storms.

I'll leave you with one of the recipes we enjoyed at the opening night reception at Larkspur Restaurant.

Perfect Storm

1.5 oz. Grand Marnier
.5 oz. fresh lime juice
3 oz. Ginger Beer

3 drops Angostura bitters

Combine Grand Marnier, lime juice and bitters in a mixing glass. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain over fresh ice into a highball glass. Top with ginger beer and swirl. Garnish with a lime twist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Patrick! Sounds like a great event. How are things?

- Jay Crabb

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flair bartending’s been shown to increase business for the establishment. Customers enjoy watching the tricks and tell others. This brings in new business and keeps the repeat customers coming in. Am I right, btw nice event . Thanks Mr. Patrick

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photos, Jimmy. I don't know what flair bartending has to do with anything you've written here, but okay!

5:44 PM  

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