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Top 100 Cocktails

A while back I wrote about the "Top Ten Cocktails." That was a post about the top cocktails that people come into the bar and order. Merit had nothing to with the choice, it was all about popularity. What did people order. There wasn't even a classic cocktail on the list. It's been a popular post, and there are lots of people out there searching for top cocktails.

What if I could put together a list of the 100 best cocktails? That would be a monumental task. You'd have to mix expert knowledge of cocktails with a strong constituion, add in plenty of help from the likes of Tony Abou-Ganim, Jared Brown, Dale DeGroff, Jill DeGroff, Ben Dougherty, Lowell Edmunds, Kacy Fitch, Phil Greene, Ted Haigh, Robert Hess, Ryan Magarian, Chris McMillian, Anastasia Miller, The Regans, Audrey Saunders, Murry Stenson and David Wondrich.

Let me see. I'll compile the lists of drinks. Taste and verify all the recipes. (Probably several times.) Write something interesting about each recipe. Heck, once I've gone to all that trouble, I might as well write a book. And make it pocket-sized so people could take it along everywhere...

As all this was running through my mind, I discovered that Robert Hess and
Anastasia Miller had already taken care of it. All of it.

The Museum of The American Cocktail,
Pocket Recipe Guide.

This guide presents 100 classic cocktail recipes every bartender and cocktail lover should know. Small enough to put in your back pocket (3x4 inches), it contains historic notes and variations as well as mixing tips and details to deepen your understanding of the cocktail art. It's a value too. It costs about $10 shipped. I figure that's about the price of 1 cocktail. Cocktails covered include:

Algonquin, Aviation, Bacardi Cocktail, Bellini, Bijou, Corpse Reviver (#2), De la Louisiane, East India Cocktail, Fog Cutter, Jasmine, Jupiter, Last Word, Negroni, Pegu, Pisco Sour, Ramos Gin Fizz, Straits Sling, Vieux Carré, Ward 8, and the Zombie.

That's just a taste, there are 80 more classics in this little book.

It is fantastic, I couldn't believe it. Why had I never heard of it? I put this question to co-author Robert Hess, and he said "we're not really promoting it broadly because we don't really have ENOUGH of them."

They don't have enough of them. They do have some though. So go order one now. They are currently thinking about a larger print run, but get yours now and force their hand. The book is available at Amazon and, where you can also see the full recipe list.

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Blogger jimmyp said...

EDIT: I added Robert Hess and Anastatia Miller to the list of helpers.

(I stated that they had done it all, but some folks were confused as to why I didn't mention them in the list of helpers.)

I thought I was making it clear that Robert and Anistatia had MADE the book with the help of the big list people mentioned.

I think this clarification makes the whole point less clear but oh well.

This book was edited and compiled by Robert Hess and Anistatia Miller

10:18 AM  

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